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    To our brother Britons we say: Unite!

    British Union is the movement of the people of Britain. It is their answer and their challenge to the tyranny that today oppresses them. That tyranny is the money power of international finance which commands government, parliament and the

    The German Workers Party was founded

    Today's date 5th of January: At the hotel Fürstenfelder Hof in Munich, the German Workers Party is founded on this day in 1919. The party will later change its name to NSDAP. The party had its foundation in several workers' committees

    Comrades In Struggle

    On the 1st of June 1938, the leader of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley, held this restorative speech directed to his Brother Blackshirts. Brother Blackshirts, my comrades in struggle: Our fight is for the soul of…
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