• Dominic On the Unification of the White and Black man


    This is an opinion article. It is the writer who stands for the views expressed in the text, not Crusadefront.

    Dominic shares his opinion on how to unify the white and the black man against our common enemy.

    Unification – this word has been said throughout history about as much as separation. To begin, I am not advocating for the mixing of races, I am merely speaking for us to work together against the common enemy. The common enemy: the common enemy of Zionism, Cultural Marxism, and the decadence of each other’s culture. It has been proven time and time again that (((They))) take control of the weak and feeble minded such as the black man. One of the main issues is the extreme change in Black culture within the 20th century. In this letter, I hope to explain how the black and white man may one day unite against a common enemy.

    To first understand why we must unite as separate but equal, l we must understand how black culture has degraded itself. Between the 1900s and 1950s, blacks were more community based, more family first, and more based on the betterment of the black race by blacks than taking from the nation to better their communities. Once the 1960s and the end of Jim Crow, the black race was still self-segregated. Next comes the degenerate era, like most cultures which go down the individualistic route, the Black culture turned from a beautiful community-based people to a disgusting shell of itself based on the use of women as whores, the normalization of drugs, and the loss of feeling for their fellow men. This has led to what we see on our streets, what we see in our prisons and what we see growing up due to the lack of black fatherhood.

    So, you might be wondering, wouldn’t this be due to their low IQ? Yes, you would be correct, but blacks naturally have a low IQ on average. So why were they more community based with a lower IQ than they are currently when they have a higher IQ than before? The simple answer is (((individualism))) which ended up fueling blacks’ inner beast, allowing the carnal pleasures that their churches once could cull have failed them and now they run wild. This isn’t their fault, as the animalistic feelings have been bred out of whites and we are thus more civilized. The black man, on the other hand, is very tribal, something whites can learn. For example, when someone disrespects the black race, he gets physical and up in your face as if you insulted his mother. When someone disrespects the white race and will either sit there or just offer a quick insult.

    So, you as the reader maybe asking how do we unify against the common enemy or how to tame this beast. The answer I have is only possible with the perfect conditions. This involves either sending them to Africa where they can educate their fellow blacks as Abraham Lincoln intended or We segregate them and force them to open their own businesses and fix their own social issues but sadly we do not live in a perfect society. Our best option currently is to possibly help a black man who is divorced to see his kids or helping an all-black family Find God or show them Fascism and the truths of our ideologies

    As I bring this to a close I must say, I am not advocating for race mixing. If anything, I am extremely against such a thing and believe the beauty of each race’s culture, colour and land should be upheld. The beauty of old American black culture ought to be upheld and encouraged, along with the parallel promotion of the traditional culture of the American white. At the end of the day, we are all being played by the Jew and almost every race’s beauty is destroyed by (((them))). Hail Victory!

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