• The Unity of Europe



    Oswald Mosley – British Politician and Leader of British Union of Fascist. Served in WW1 with the 16th Queen`s Lancers and later Royal Flying Corps as an observer. He was wounded at Loos. After the Great War, he became the youngest Conservative MP but changed to Labour party. In 1931 he founded the British Union of Fascist.

    Speech Transcript:

    We have been guided above all by the principle, by a belief in the underlying unity of Europe.
    We have believed in ourselves as Englishmen and Europeans.
    We have believed in our fellow Europeans.
    And we have believed in the destiny of Europe.
    And believing as we have for years past.

    In those principles and holding those deep beliefs.
    We have been led inevitably through some hard ways and forces to our present position. In which I should claim we are at last triumphantly justified that principle of the underlying unity of Europe. Guided us in the war.

    As ex-servicemen of the previous war, we did not believe in the division of Europe. In the massacre without good reason of yet another generation of young Europeans being thrown against each other, to fight and destroy one another in an unnecessary war. We were ready as ever to fight if the life of our own country was at stake. The life of Britain was not at stake. And we opposed that war by all the political means open to us because we believed in the unity of Europe. And we did not believe in the division of our continent and the destruction of its young life without vital reason

    I have spoken before and I should not repeat myself tonight. Spoken of what took me into politics first. The concept of the young airman with whom I served in the first world war. The men who on each side knew each other and loved each other, in friendly competition in the days of 1914.And where then thrown in mortal combat against each other, by old men who were far away from the scene of that combat and have divided Europe in a totally unnecessary quarrel. And I described how coming back from that holocaust of my generation. I and others resolved; These things should not occur again without good reason and it could only be one good reason. That Britains life was in mortal danger and in 1939 no one can possibly condemn that it was.


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