• To our brother Britons we say: Unite!


    British Union is the movement of the people of Britain. It is their answer and their challenge to the tyranny that today oppresses them. That tyranny is the money power of international finance which commands government, parliament and the old political parties. In the service of finance and obsolete and decadent, the system is preserved both in government and industry.

    The government is paralysed by a system of universal talk in which nothing can be done. In order that real power may rest elsewhere, not in the hands of those chosen by the people, but in the hands of those chosen by finance.

    In face of these new conditions, how can any international system maintain the British standard of life? Let alone increase it the high level that modern science makes possible and that our great people deserve. For in this modern age science gives to us British the power to use our own great heritage of British Empire, to build the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.

    We have the finest workers and technicians, one thing alone we lack; a market to absorb the great wealth that modern industry can produce. That market is the purchasing power of the British people. They are robbed of the power to buy British goods because their wages are dragged down by cheap slave competition from abroad. They are subject to that competition because finance draws its usury from foreign investment, in the shape of cheap foreign goods. We British are denied our heritage by the power of usury. So we challenge finance and the parties who have sold the people to usury.

    To carry out the people’s will and to subordinate to the nation, the vested interest who today exploit the people, we ask from the people, power to the people’s government. That power will be freely given by the vote of the people and can be removed by the vote of the people. But, the government elected by the people must have power to act. If the people’s government has no power to govern, then the money power will continue to govern. That money power has divided the British people in order that it may rule them.

    We have been divided by the war of party of class and of faction. So the British, who for 1,000 years have never been conquered by the foe without have been subdued by the foe within. Britons who should be brothers have fought each other and alien finance has conquered. Therefore to our brother Britons we say: Unite! Britain united is invincible and irresistible, and together we will build the mightiest civilisation mankind has known.

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